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The Ama Drainer 301 SE/NE is a 1¼' submersible treated effluent water pump which is suitable clear effluent containing solids of up to 10mm.

Fully floodable, vertical, close-coupled single-stage submersible motor pumps, IP 68, with or without level control, for a maximum immersion depth of 2m.


Technical data

  • Flow rate Up to (2.75 l/s)
  • Head Up to 6m
  • Temperature Up to 50 C
  • Free passage Up to 10 mm
  • Supplied with a 2 pin European plug which can be removed and will not affect the warranty  


  • Drainage of pits, shafts, yards and cellars subject to a flooding risk
  • Extraction of water from rivers and reservoirs
  • Drainage of underground passages
  • Lowering the surface water level
  • Magnetic switch with adjustable, variable level control and anti-over winding device
  • Straightforward adaptation to external control system with locking disc.
  • Easy to replace cable with plug-type connector
  • No drainage of the discharge pipe with the Integrated swing check valve
  • Vertical discharge nozzle allows installation in narrow sumps
  • Protected against overload which grants Integrated motor protection
  • High operating reliability with the triple shaft seal lubricated by the barrier fluid makes for high motor reliability. Lubrication of the seal faces in the event of dry running.
  • Long service life with the low-weight design and corrosion-proof thanks to high-quality plastic casing. Noise-absorbing, abrasion-proof and impact-resistant.
  • Economic operation optimised the hydraulic systems and motors for large pump output at high efficiency
  • Frame-cooled enclosed motor. Permits operation even when motor is not submerged and is protected against overheating however not advised as a conscious method of operation
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