Your pumping station might have worked effortlessly for a number of years. In fact, you have probably forgotten that it is there because they work so effectively. However, when problems arise, you soon remember that your pumping station is there and that you need to have it looked at.

 Pumping stations are robust and are designed to last but in reality, problems do arise and that cannot be helped but the aim is to ensure you get the problem looked at. With this in mind, what are the signs that your pumping station needs attention?


The Alarm is Sounding

This is probably the most obvious sign that something isn’t right with it. The alarm is there to alert you that something isn’t working as it should and that you should investigate the problem. The issue could range from a pump malfunction to high water level. So, if you do hear the alarm sounding then it is probably time to call the experts to get your system checked as soon as possible.


The Pump Does Not Come On

  There is every possibility that the pump has not turned on and there could be a number of reasons for this. The impeller could be hammed while the pump might not be receiving enough electricity. Along with this, a blockage might have caused the electricity to trip or the pump could simply have failed. Some of these problems are relatively easy to fix but you need to make sure that your pump is doing its job correctly.


Slow Drainage

Pumping stations can suffer from blockages and that can cause your pumping station to drain slowly. Fats, oils and other debris can cause a slow blockage and over time, this can cause significant damage. It has the potential to jam switches and floats causing your system to stop working. If you have noticed signs of slow drainage then it is time to get your pump looked at. If a blockage occurs that completely jams the system then you will have additional problems to deal with.


Back Ups and Odours

The system might have been designed to keep blockages at a minimum but they can still occur. In fact, it is one of the main problems that we see with a commercial pumping station. Your pumping station is designed to work with certain materials and fluids so anything that shouldn’t be in the system will cause problems. So, if you begin to notice an odour or if you see a back up of water then this is a sign that your sewage pumping system is blocked.




In general, any sewage pump system will be quiet as they are submerged and are silent in operation. However, if you begin to hear odd sounds and loud noises then this could indicate that something is not right and that you need to have the problem looked at.

So, these signs could potentially indicate that you have a problem and so, the best course of action to take is to call in the experts to take a look.

By Craig Barker


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