Sewage Pumping Station Myths: Dispelled


So despite the fact that pumping stations are a pretty normal part of life now, there’s a lot of misconceptions and funny ideas surrounding pumping stations, especially sewage ones.


It’s important to understand that a lot of these myths and ideas are outdated, based on strange ideas about how pumping stations work, or are just downright incorrect. Naturally, these can influence your decision to make a purchase if you don’t know the truth, so we thought we’d take a look and educate people on the reality of things.

Sewage Pumping Stations Make a Lot of Noise


While it is true that your typical sewage pumping stations are built using some robust pumps, and there's a lot of mechanical elements, pumping stations aren’t as noisy as you would think. These types of pumps are actually mostly silent during their operations, because they’re submerged below the liquid level which muffles a lot of the sound. In reality, your typical sewage pumping stations make the same level of noise as a household freezer or fridge.

Sewage Pumping Stations Smell Bad


By their very definition, a lot of pumping stations are designed to pump sewage, so those that do will emit an odour of some kind. However, it’s not quite as bad as you might think.


As a system, pumping stations use airtight tanks, and as long as you maintain it properly, and choose the right size and specs, you won’t be able to notice the smell.

Sewage Pumping Stations Are a Pain to Install


Lots of building owners and businesses assume that a sewage pumping station is difficult to assemble and has a lot of requirements. However, this is not true.


Lots of packaging pumping stations are sold as pre-assembled units. This means that they come with everything needed to get them running. If you get a qualified professional to install it for you, then it is a pretty easy, simple process.


However, if you want to get it done in a quick and easy fashion, you can purchase a floor-mounted pumping station. These can be plugged in with no civil work, and the system is designed to get going immediately.


In any case, these types of sewage pumping systems aren’t difficult to install. You shouldn’t let the installation put you off, either.

Final Thoughts


When it comes to pumping stations there are a lot of myths. This is a great shame because they should not stop you from enjoying a rich and full usage of a pumping station.


Pumping stations can be an effective resource that are used frequently by people as a way of transporting waste and pushing it around, but it’s important to understand that there are a lot of misconceptions that put people off making the investment. Make sure to do proper research before you commit to anything, because you will usually be able to clear up the myths that you run into with a bit of background knowledge.


By Josh Walker


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