If you are considering a renovation project at home or in a commercial setting then you might want to consider purchasing a macerator pumping station.

This is a system that can help you to install a toilet below ground and below the main sewage line. Furthermore, it is also extremely useful when you are working with a listed building or have to adhere to strict building regulations. Using a macerator pump, you can work against gravity, so why would you need a macerator pumping station?


What is a Macerator Pumping Station?

A macerator pump is used to remove sewage, water and other forms of wastewater and they are commonly used where it is not possible to use gravity to move this waste. They are commonly sold as pre-assembled units and within them comes a grinder pump as well as a tank. They are suitable to be installed as they are, giving you a convenient and simple way to manage sewage effectively. There is no need to make any additional changes to the sewage system either.


Which Macerator Pump Is Right For you?

There are many different factors that will determine what macerator pump is right for you. You will need to consider where the pumping station will be located and whether it is for a home or commercial property will also make a difference. The position of the station is also important as its location in relation to the main sewer will need to be considered as well as the volume of waste. These factors will then determine what kind of macerator you need and the size you require.


How Much Does a Macerator Cost?

Macerator pumping stations can vary in cost. Therefore, they can range from anything between £900 and £1800, all of which will be determined by the style and the size. If you are working on converting a basement in either a commercial or domestic property, a macerator pump station is often the best option. This pre-assembled unit will enable you to avoid remodelling the sewage system and it can be installed underground while it has the ability to effectively remove waste.


How Long Does a Macerator Pump Last?


This does depend on where you install it and how often you have it serviced or maintained. When installed in a home, they can last for anything between 10 and 15 years and more in some cases. However, if they are installed in areas that are used heavily such as commercial spaces then this time can be reduced. The important thing to consider here is that maintenance is key as it will ensure that you extend the lifespan of your macerator pumps as much as possible.

Macerator pumps come with a range of benefits and they are ideal for use in certain situations. However, it can help to understand what they offer in order to determine if they are right for you. So, with our guide above, you will be able to determine whether a macerator pump is suitable for your circumstances.

By Josh Walker


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