Sewage Pumping Station Maintenance

It is vital that you ensure your Sewage Pumping Station is serviced annually at the very least. Certain Pumped Systems will  require servicing quarterly / 6 monthly depending on the application it is serving.

On a service visit, we remove and clean the existing pump, and check the bearing, impeller and its general state. We also ensure the non-return and gate valves are operating correctly, and the pipework and guide rails aren’t compromised in any way.

Our engineers carry out full electrical and level control system checks, as well as ensuring the safety and security of the installation. There may be water ingress in the system, but we can detect this at an early stage and recommend a replacement pump or repair the existing pump before it fails.

Packaged Pumping Stations Limited carry out extensive services on all types of Pumping Stations, contact the team today on 01332 854868.

By Josh Walker


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